The Power of Choice

Life-Wellcoach Michaelene Conner

Author of Good Brain, Bad Brain, Your Brain, available on AMAZON.

A sure way to predict the future is to plan it. Thinking “fit” leads to fit choices and being fit. When we change our minds independent of the environment only then can we embrace an ideal with sustained concentration. Mental rehearsal is a critical tool in breaking the habit of being ones self. If we repeatedly think about something to the exclusion of everything else, there becomes a moment of transitional thinking as the thought becomes the experience. Your mental hardware or what I refer to as “thought ware” like a computer must be neurologically upgraded, reinforced, and refined through repetition within the brain’s neural network.

Change matters, and it helps us live better lives. Change, transformation and elevation happen in the present tense. Mental challenge is the clearest opportunity for change to take root allowing us to reframe the vary thing that disrupts our shift in thinking. New thinking helps rewrite an optimistic future and a fresh narrative that seeks a closer connection to a new self. Celebrate what makes you different. We are only undone if we allow ourselves to be.  Reshape the future with resilient thinking, sustainable thoughts and a flexible curious mindset. Tell me what you think, how you feel, and why you are able and willing to change.  I am here to listen and support your voice. Together we will welcome the challenge of change.

Your daily rituals define “YOU.” The formula for high levels of quality productivity comes down to:

Mental Energy + Purpose + The One Thing = Getting Shit done

How you manage yourself in the “Present tense” changes your future state of affairs. If you are facing life difficulties and want to find a solution through new thinking strategies combined with better coping skills then schedule some TALK TIME.

Today’s changes becomes tomorrow’s future

  • Learn to live in the present tense
  • Instead of thinking about what you can’t do think about what you do well already
  • Learn to become an influencer
  • Change patterns of thinking you no longer need
  • Develop new thinking skills that will help you overcome feelings of confusion, anxiety, and being overwhelmed.
  • Learn to be a better communicator by listening more and judging less.
  • Understand your (real) needs and get rid of the fluff
  • Rethink how you think
  • Change your stinkin’ thinkin’

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