The Do’s and Dont’s of Lifestyle Change

  1. Stop waiting for life to slow down.
  2. Stop promising yourself that you are just one step away from tranquility.
  3. Stop feeling pity or sympathy for yourself because life has become so challenging.
  4. Stop allowing yourself to play the “victim” when life doesn’t turn out like you imagined.
  5. Stop believing stress is always bad; a certain amount is required for the development of mental tolerance, learning and success.
  6. Stop thinking you are entitled to always feel comfortable during life changing decisions.
  7. Stop being judgmental of yourself because you, your partner or boss doesn’t have all the answers about the future.
  8. Stop relying on the rhetoric and hype of others in achieving your goals.
  9. Stop being enamored with yourself and your own achievements, instead be reflective – arrogance and the desire only to please inhibit your ability to develop new expectations.
  10. Stop being drawn to the excitement of every new change initiative – instead develop the appreciation, commitment, and mental tolerance to sustain the change decision.
  11. Stop think of your own knowledge, assumptions and perceptions of reality as the only valid basis for determining the answers to problems.
  12. Stop believing that any one person or any single group can resolve or fix the really important problem in isolation.
  13. Stop running from the unknown and unexpected outcome – instead move closer to identify what new opportunities are available and what unforeseen dangers should be avoided.
  14. Stop focusing only in terms of your own survival during change – invariably it will destroy your world and all around you.
  15. Stop being fearful of abandoning people, places or things that have worked for you in the past. Life is all about change.
  16. Stop being surprised by life’s surprises.

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