The Theory of Set Point

Weight Management

What is set point?

A set point is a theory that states everyone’s body has a genetically determined range of weight and temperature that their body will try to maintain to stay at optimal health. This means if Susan has a weight set point of 140 pounds, her body will try to stay around that weight. If she eats less and exercises more, her body’s metabolism will slow down. Which is not really accurate. You can reset your set point with healthy eating strategy and exercise. As a side note, weight management doesn’t include cheat days or alcohol consumption on a daily basis. This type of thinking leads to a setback when it comes to weight loss and maintenance.

How do you reset your weight set point?

Increase dietary protein and up your fibrous veggies (all veggies except resistant starches like potatoes, corn, peas, etc. which are considered a third form of dietary fiber). Kick refined sugar and booze to the curb. Practice make good behavioral changes, just keep doing these things till they are automatic. Consistency with a tight nutrition plan is the most tried-and-true approach to resetting your weight.

Can you change your body weight set point?

Cardiovascular exercise, and particularly strength training, is the best method for reducing body fat. And the more you exercise, the more you may be able to change your body weight set point due to decreases in body fat levels and increases in lean body mass. Regardless muscle mass, a calorie deficit leads to fat loss and muscle loss. So it’s important to maintain lean muscle mass because muscle burns a tad more fat efficiently than just losing weight. But not enough to suggest in increase in caloric intake because you’re exercising. What I suggest to my clients is let’s see what you can do without an increase in calories and “if” you start to lose too much or too fast, only then will be add in additional calories in 10% increments or less.

How can the setpoint diet help you lose weight?

The setpoint diet plan contains food groups scientifically proven to heal your hormones, trigger fat-burning hormones, and lower your setpoint weight. The setpoint diet emphasizes whole foods as close to their natural states as possible. You’ll find these foods around the perimeter of the grocery store, in the produce and meat sections. But the grocery store, has gotten smart and have changed that perimeter to include foods or add on to your salads which aren’t really that helpful to your weight loss plan nor nutritional goals. This change has happened over the last decade and unfortunately nutritional advice and thinking has not been updated to let clients know that which is why I do personalize grocery tours.