William Brown – the Next Generation of Professional Golfer

Interviewed by TPI Golf Coach Mike Conner

CC: How’d you get interested in golf in the first place?

WB: I first got into golf because my dad plays. I am a very competitive person and like to win at whatever I do. So my goal was to beat my dad. I’ve achieved that goal.

CC: When did you realize golf was your life?

WB: When we moved to Atlanta five years ago, my family joined Capital City Country Club, which has an amazing golf course. I started taking lessons with Todd Peterson and playing on a regular basis. I realized I seriously enjoyed the process of golfing. It’s such a sensory game.  Like playing chess on the green!

CC: What’s the favorite part of the game for you?

WB: That’s a tough question. I enjoy the whole enchilada, meeting and talking with other golfers but I love watching the ball sink into the hole. That is a rush of excitement.

CC: What have you done to prepare for the game physically? Body, mind, and swing?

WB: I have been on golf specific strength and conditioning with you, which has really helped increase my swing speed, and ball striking capability. For my golf brain, playing in a lot of tournaments has helped me work through a variety of unforeseen situations. And for my form and swing, I take lessons from Todd Peterson.

CC: What are your biggest challenges when on the greens?

WB: I feel the biggest challenge comes down to the mental aspect of the game. For instance, it’s hard for me to get a double on a hole and forget it.

CC: You can’t fix what has just happened, you can only reengage in the game and do better on the next shot. There are always a myriad of factors that can influence your game but they all inevitably lead to poor performance.

WB: I agree with that!

CC: How do you juggle school, golf, and your personal life?

Ha ha

ha! The three P’s you talk about. PLAN PLAN PLAN

I just have to manage my time and stick to a schedule. Priorities.

I have a tutor to help me stay on top of the schoolwork.

I have a TPI Golf Coach (Coach Mike Conner) twice a week.

I have a golf lesson with Todd Peterson in the Capital City Pro Shop. The balance of my week is consumed with playing golf and other sports. Saturday and Sunday nights I like to hang out with friends. Hey remember I am a teen and I want to enjoy the process of aging.

CC: How do perfect swing temp, speed, agility and quickness (SAQ)?

WB: Lots of practice and more practice.

CC: Psychologically speaking what happens when you hit what you feel is a “bad” shot?

WB: Well, it depends on how bad. I don’t allow one questionable shot to affect the outcome of my game. Usually, I just try to shake it off and make up for it on the next shot. I’ve learned that the round isn’t over based on one bad shot.

CC: What tournaments have you been part of?

WB: I play in Atlanta Junior Golf and North Georgia Junior Golf events. I also play on my high school golf team at Mt. Vernon.

CC: Do you have a favorite golfer that you follow?

WB: Jordan Spieth. I look up to him because, in my opinion, he has a positive attitude and has accomplished so much at the age of 23.

CC: What do you do the night before or morning of a tournament?

WB: Usually, the tournaments are in the summer so I make sure to stay hydrated by drinking a good bit of water. I count my clubs, check my bag supplies (glove, snacks, tees, and balls). I clean the grooves on my irons and look at the scorecard of the course I’m playing.

CC: What are your plans for the future?

WB: Work on my game over the next three years, play on lots of different courses thanks to my dad, with the goals of being able to play on the college level.