Fall Golf is Now – Are You Ready?


Like DeChambeau, Coach Conner favors isolation exercises that train muscles individually. Conner feels by using and training each individual muscle you can aggregate all of them to function at your highest golf potential.

Notice increased ball speed using rigorous golf specific training

Learn the best isolation exercises for golf specific training

Learn to be more grounded so you can rotate harder and punch harder under the ball

But the biggest benefit for YOU will be BALANCE & STABILITY. By increasing these two factors you will transform your swing with more force

Pre-register for OCTOBER FALL SESSIONS by Friday October 9th to secure your spot

Monday October 12th, 19th, and 26th            6:00am           3 sessions $75

Tuesday October 13th, 20th, and 27th           7:30am           3 sessions $75

Drop-ins are welcome $35 per session or make a one on one appointment and customize your time and training.

In the words of DeChambeau, putting in time in the weight room led to his gains in his golf game. With dedication in the gym, doing the right movements for his specific needs increased his ball speed and lowered his scores. Take control of your future.